Listen Up! (aural skills builder)


    The LISTEN UP! method is designed to enable instrumental, vocal and classroom music teachers to incorporate short ear training exercises into their lessons.

    The exercises are easy to remember, meaning that students can engage with them between lessons without having to depend upon supervision, books or recorded audio material.

    With regular practice, students will develop the skills which will enable them to hear and recognise all intervals, pick out parts from polyphonic pieces of music, recognise complex rhythmic patterns, identify chords and sequences, have an improved sense of intonation and key, and a curiosity to understand how music works. Not bad for a few minutes per day.

    “I have to admit, like most music teachers, ear training is a bit of an afterthought. I mean…..its easy innit!!  Well, no actually. I randomly turned to a page and started singing, to quickly discover my own limitations. So if my ears/singing need to be fine-tuned, the benefits for music students should be obvious. 

    I can’t recommend this book highly enough. open your student’s (and your own) ears with regular use of these simple short exercises. It’s also a fun way to add to the 10000 hours of practice that we all do to become experts in our chosen discipline!

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