The “Journeys” series

The “Journeys” is a collection of unaccompanied instrumental studies, starting at beginner level and progressing to advanced. The series started with “Journeys by Tuba“, which is published by Superbrass. All of the studies in this first book appear on the Trinity Laban Brass Syllabus. The series now also extends to books for Trumpet and Clarinet, available here at Mucky Herbert Music.

The studies present the player with technical and musical challenges designed to help them progress on their chosen instrument, but are also a platform for performance skills – telling a story or setting a mood – skills which will help them develop into well rounded musicians.

Ensemble Scores

Little Suite for Brass was written in 2017, and first performed by Regent Brass (Paul Archibald) on 1st December 2017 in Notting Hill Gate, London. The Suite has 4 short movements – Fanfare, Resolute, Hymn, Dance – and lasts for approximately 7’30”. There are two editions, one for brass band, and one for brass choir (orchestral brass).

“The piece is fabulous and works brilliantly for brass band. It would be great to include your piece in our repertoire.”
“Rehearsals are going well and your piece is terrific! We’ll be performing it a lot!”
Paul Archibald.

Little Suite For Brass is available for Brass Band and Brass Choir

On This Day, In This Life is an orchestral suite written in 2019 for Horsham Symphony Orchestra, first performed at The Capitol Theatre, Horsham on 14th March 2020. There are 6 short movements – Prologue, Walk Don’t Run, Loved Ones, Dance (with unexpected ending), Run Don’t Walk, Epilogue – and the piece lasts approximately 22 minutes.
Orchestral size – 2222,4231, 2 perc., strings.

now all the post performance excitement has died down, can I just say a huge thank you for writing such a fantastic piece of music for us. Full of surprises and challenges at every turn, I can honestly say it is one of the most enjoyable and emotional pieces it’s been my pleasure to play for years.
HSO member


The LISTEN UP! method is designed to enable instrumental, vocal and classroom music teachers to incorporate short ear training exercises into their lessons.

The exercises are easy to remember, meaning that students can engage with them between lessons without having to depend upon supervision, books or recorded audio material.

With regular practice, students will develop the skills which will enable them to hear and recognise all intervals, pick out parts from polyphonic pieces of music, recognise complex rhythmic patterns, identify chords and sequences, have an improved sense of intonation and key, and a curiosity to understand how music works. Not bad for a few minutes per day.